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I've just posted a new image and in doing so reminded myself of why I enjoy taking people pictures - it's fun! A camera-toting friend dropped by earlier today to borrow a paper cutter of mine - he still has a darkroom - and we got to talking about our photographic needs and interests. We managed to stretch that conversation out for a pleasurably long time, accompanied by my legendary industrial strength coffee!

Among the many technical 'nerd style' topics covered, we both ended up agreeing on one thing - of all the skills required to be a photographer, the ability to create intimacy and trust quickly with the person/persons you're photographing is paramount. So much so that we realised we both practiced the ability to do that daily. Not necessarily during a shoot but just as a way of being with others. 'Got to use it or lose it', as the saying goes.

Like everything in life - technical skills are important, but not the be all and end all. How we relate to each other is the real bottom line.

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