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Hi everyone, I've been busy getting my eldest - Seth - settled in to student accomadation ( he's started an art foundation course in Cornwall ) and dealing with the emotional rollercoaster it has put my family on . . . an explanation for not blogging for quite a while!

Since my last entry I've been asked to show new photographically based artwork at a local gallery. I decided rather than use old work, I'd create something current. I began my photographic journey/career as an artist and only became a commercial photographer out of financial imperatives - starting a family - returning to my original vision has been a wonderful experience.

It's also reminded me of how much I enjoy taking images of 'customized' bodies - tattooed, pierced, scarified, etc. When I was a kid I loved seeing representations of tribal body manipulation; the idea of altering oneself to that degree always facinated me.

I've used one of my new works to illustrate this blog article, I hope you enjoy it. Interests and passions never really disappear - if abandoned, they just wait patiently for the right moment to tap you on the shoulder again. D

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