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Parental Advice

A bit of a wet and windy day outside as I write. It's cosy in my studio though! My parents didn't offer me alot of advice but I remember very clearly being 11 and sitting in the family car one summer's afternoon as we drove to their nightclub, El Cid. "Try to find work no more than 15 min. drive from where you live. It makes life so much more enjoyable!" . . . a maxim I've put into practice all my lifetime.

I work from home for a few reasons: 1. It's cost effective. 2. It puts people at ease - not intimidating. 3. I don't have to travel far ( following my parent's advice! ).

Looking at the rather foreboding weather outside, I know I'd be grumpy if I had to brave the elements and go to a distant studio. My mood is always relaxed here at home. I know where everything is and my camera is spared the extra knocks and bangs that traveling often presents.

So, take heart when coming for a session! I will always be in a suitably mellow state of being. Those words are about the only thing I've ever followed that my parents suggested. Besides the obvious benefits of working from home, I have the added bonus of feeling like a respectful son . . . something my parents must have despaired of many times!

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