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Music/Photography - a missing link?

The longer I live in the artistically blessed region known as south London, the more I become convinced that there is a definite link between music and photography. I know at least a dozen photographers who are also adept at playing an instrument . . . or the other way around, me included.

I believe the part of our brain that has the ability to compose - ready and waiting in the wings, so to speak - doesn't worry about whether the composition to be realised is musical or visual. It seems to be able to tackle either with equal aplomb. I have worked ( although I rarely think of it in those terms ) as a musician for all of my life and as a photographer for over 30 years.

My photographic voice was awakened as the result of a serious 'life event'. I'd never taken a picture before that point. Not even thought about it.

I walked into an adult education course for appreciating black and white photography as a singer/songwriter and walked out 3 hours later a photographer as well. I was able to compose an image immediately - I got it. Most of the multi-artistic disciplinarian friends and acquaintances I have say the same thing.

For me it's a matter of balance. A musical composition needs to 'sit right', so does an image within it's frame. The most liberating aspect is that we all have different ideas about what constitutes 'sitting right' . . . there's no such thing as the correct way, just your own eye/ear/taste.

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