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I thought I'd give a few bits of advice about being photographed in a studio:


When I was young and growing up in Hollywood, smiling correctly was high on the list of to-do's when a photographer took your portrait. Don't worry. . . I'm not concerned with capturing shiny, perfect smiles!!! We all look most like ourselves - and are at our most attractive  - when relaxed.


Sometimes people who have booked a session call me before hand and ask about what to wear, do they need to choose colours that match, etc. My take on this subject is fairly relaxed - wear what you’re comfortable in and don’t worry too much about anything else. 


​If you're coming as a family don't panic if your young ones won't co-operate, some of our best images are of grumpy babies.









My ideas and thoughts are on this page as well as any information I think would be of interest.


I've been a family portrait photographer at my studio in east Dulwich for 17 years. To begin with, I worked exclusively with black and white film. Now I create cinematic alternative family portraits. I decided at the beginning that I wanted to keep things relaxed and low key which is why I work from home - most of us feel less intimidated when the setting is just like visiting friends. Quality of the highest level in eveything I do has always been my motto and guiding principle as a photographer. Please check out my review/portraits gallery for customers comments! David

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or to request a price list and brochure please  contact or call David at 020 8693 3925 


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David Randall-Goddard


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photographing south London since 1998.

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