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Latest Google thoughts on Digital Storage

"As the old adage goes, a picture is worth a thousand words - but if we can't access those pictures, well, then you're speechless.


This is the sentiment expressed by Google vice-president Vint Cerf, who said that vast amounts of electronic information may soon be lost thanks to an accelerating revolution in what he calls a 'digital dark age'.


This comes with a warning to us all: we should print our photos or risk losing them forever." *




I have already touched on this subject in my blog but this is the first public confirmation from someone at the top of the digital technology revolution.


Printing skills and archivally produced prints are still relevant - perhaps vital - in order to have precious images in a form that can be kept and appreciated for many decades to come.

excerpt from an article by Lucy Hedges for Metro magazine September 18, 2015.


I've been a family portrait photographer in east Dulwich for 17 years. To begin with, I worked exclusively with black and white film. Now I create cinematic alternative family portraits. I decided at the beginning that I wanted to keep things relaxed and low key which is why I work from a studio in my home - most of us feel less intimidated when the setting is just like visiting friends. Quality has always been my guiding principle as a photographer. Please check out my review/portraits gallery for customers comments! David

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David Randall-Goddard


photographing south London since 1998.

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