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The Digital Storm

Weathering the digital storm that overtook so many social photographers has certainly been interesting. There was a point when it seemed as if everyone in the world decided they were going to be professional image makers.

The ease with which we can all technically take an excellent picture and then use an app to add or change the visual mood ( it took years of practice and experimentation in the darkroom to acquire the knowledge of how to do this consistently) is quite astounding.

There are things which aren't so easily learned. Creating the right atmosphere - setting the stage, so to speak - is a personal skill that demands more than just having a camera that automatically takes a perfect exposure. Lighting and composition are two more important facets that only mature with time and experience.

What's becoming apparent is that people are coming back. Not necessarily for 'lifestyle' images but for portraits that reveal a different outlook/mood than they are used to seeing. Although I love doing photoshop work, most people choose the original relatively untouched image I've taken of them.

I'm glad to still be here. David

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